Young Doctors Set For Moncton Debut


Whether we are taking about artists of the present day or classical composers from 100 years ago, music elicits reactions like few other things in life.

Clay Puddester, founder of Toronto indie-pop band Young Doctors In Love – performing at Moncton’s Plan b Lounge on Monday evening – explains:

“A few years ago, I went to see two concerts in the span of one evening,” Clay begins. “The first show was a classical music concert that focused upon choruses written by Verdi and Wagner. During the show, there was a story shared of how thousands of people in attendance at Verdi’s funeral spontaneously started singing the famous chorus from his ‘Nabucco’ opera.

“The second show I went to that same evening was to see Smokey Robinson perform. As soon as the opening notes of ‘My Girl’ played, the audience began singing along with no hesitation at all. It just shows how, despite being very musically different from one another, people will always gravitate towards music that has impacted them in some way. Where classical music was the cultural music of centuries past, pop music is the cultural music of today.”

Having grown up listening to rock and roll, Clay’s musical tastes would take a bit of a detour later in life. After having enrolled to study classical music, he listened to nothing else for the two years while he was earning his Masters.

Although he enjoyed being immersed in the world of classical music, he says that he gets more satisfaction from making music in the realm of pop and rock.

“When you write an orchestral piece of music, it is often played just once. It is considered a huge success if your piece is performed ten times. Towards the end of earning my degree, I found there was an innate need to get back to rock music and start connecting with audiences in a visceral way,” Clay says.

Formed in Toronto 2009, Young Doctors In Love had a bit of a rotating membership before landing the group’s current line-up: Joining Clay in the band is Moncton native Pete Gorman (keyboards), vocalist Amanda Li, drummer Chris Hudson, bassist Jon Marck and lead vocalist Katie Pearson.

Young Doctors In Love released their debut EP, 5 Golden Greats, early in 2010 but it would not be until this past June that the group would release their latest full-length album, World’s Greatest Rock & Roll Band.

Clay says that the significant layoff between releases can mostly be attributed to the dense and layered sound found on the record. An admitted fan of the Phil Spector “wall of sound,” Clay does not anticipate taking five years to follow up their new album

“There are a lot of things musically going on many of these songs. What really took a lot of time was figuring out to make everything fit together in a coherent way. We are already planning on making the next record rather stripped down in comparison.”

What: Young Doctors In Love
When: Monday Aug. 4, 9:00 p.m.
Where: Plan b Lounge, 212 St. George St., Moncton