Win music from Band of Horses and The Vaccines!

I have to admit that I feel really guilty some days when I’m not able to put up a new blog post. Like yesterday for instance. It just doesn’t sit right with me. But with a full-time job among other responsibilities, it just isn’t always in the cards to get a blog post done up daily.

So as a means of helping me feel less guilty, I have stuff to give away. Who doesn’t like free stuff?!

The good folks at With A Bullet Promotions in Toronto would like to offer you, gentle reader, the opportunity to win a copy of the Band of Horses awesome new record Mirage Rock and a copy of The Vaccines The Vaccines Come of Age. I’ve got two 2-CD packages to give away.

To enter, send me an email to ken [at] Since I think you’re supposed to have some kind of skill-testing question (maybe not though) to qualify to win a prize, here is your skill-testing skill that you need to display to win. In your email subject, simply type out ac.dreNcisuM. That’s fun, isn’t it? And really, you don’t even have to type that out for yourself. Just copy and paste the bloody thing.

Thanks to all who enter. And a very sincere thanks to YOU for reading.

[youtube Sh8OTO4wSMs]