Which Scrappy Happiness video do YOU want to vote for?

Unquestionably one of the nicest guys in Canadian rock n roll, Halifax’s Joel Plaskett is asking for your help. Not too long ago, Plaskett sent out an open call to his fans to create a music video for their favourite track from his newest record Scrappy Happiness. What was at stake, you wonder? Only the chance to have Plaskett perform a gig at the winner’s home with 25 of their friends and family! The Scrappy Happiness Video Contest is presented in partnership with AUX TV, a national music channel for people who have a passion for music culture.

Joel Plaskett recorded and released a song a week for 10 weeks with his band The Emergency for his new album Scrappy Happiness. Fans can listen to all the songs on the album here. With 69 outstanding music videos having been submitted for songs from the new album, from Burnaby, BC to Kensington, PEI, the collection of footage has become a soundtrack of entertaining, inspiring, and memorable moments. The videos capture the uninhibited devotion of Plaskett fans, their love for their hometowns, their families and friends, and most of all, the music.

Submissions closed on June 30 however you can vote until July 15 at midnight AST.

Here’s how you vote:

After watching the music video submissions on the contest page at www.joelplaskett.com, sign in to your YouTube account and select “Like” to vote for your favourite video. Each “Like” counts as one vote and you can “Like” as many videos as you want only once. The video with the most “Likes” wins!

Visit www.joelplaskett.com to view the contest page and “Like” your favourite Scrappy Happiness music video now.

[youtube vYnb4SmSafQ]