Where’s the beef?!

OK. So you’re probably wondering what the hell is going on. …Or maybe you’re not. Either way, here’s is what is going on in my world and the blog these days.

Honestly, it seems to be a feast or famine thing when it comes to writing. Last week, I posted an amazing bazillion articles while content has been rather light so far this week. Since the content featured on this site is a mix of exclusive stuff and articles pulled from a few different sources that I am fortunate to write for, I don’t always have a pot on the stove, so to speak.

Over the next two weeks though, I will be posting a preview of Music New Brunswick Week and will also have interviews with Hot Hot Heat, Greg Mcpherson and more.  I will also have exclusive interviews with Ladies of The Canyon and The Posies  so please do visit again soon!

Your support keeps me ticking. Thanks for reading!