We Are Action grows up in N.B.

Since making the big journey from Toronto to the relatively serene climes of Sackville more than five years ago, We Are Action vocalist-guitarist Ken Mikalauskas couldn’t be happier. Earlier this year, Mikalauskas and band mates Errol Girvan, Justin Delaney and Evan Matthews released their debut self-titled CD via Moncton label Superbob Records, an 11 song set that runs the gamut between psychedelic pop, power pop and indie-rock.

The band will perform tonight at Moncton’s Paramount Lounge on Main Street. Show time is set for 10 p.m.

From his home, Mikalauskas says there are obvious significant differences to be found between the music scene here in the Maritimes and that of Toronto’s. The fact is, he hasn’t regretted his move to small town New Brunswick one day of the past five years.

“The music scene here is very healthy,” Ken says. “In the Maritimes, you have all of these medium-sized cities within one or two hours of each other and there is a wealth of unique talent and social groups in each one of them. I love it.

“The Toronto music scene is unlike anywhere else in Canada; it’s a massive melting pot of absolutely everything and it is tough to stand out in such a large pot. I consider it to be much better to be a bigger vegetable in a smaller pot. And, I’m a big vegetable.”

Mikalauskas recorded the We Are Action album on his own at his home, playing all of the instruments himself. Recorded over the three years at his Sackville studio, he says that going the solo route for the purposes of making a record was more of a matter of convenience than a matter of ego.

“I tend to record the songs while I’m writing them. And as busy as life can be, I tend to do this at random hours of the day or night. I have found that it has just been easier and faster to go this route. I do plan to include more band performances in future recordings though. Some songs absolutely need the guys from the live band to make them work but some of our future songs might be purely digital as well.”

With high-profile performances at festivals including the Halifax Pop Explosion now on their resume, it might not be long before the rest of the country latches onto the We Are Action train.

Article published in December 10, 2010 edition of the Times & Transcript