Watch Shotgun Jimmie’s new video for Suzy!

From his critically acclaimed and Polaris Prize Long Listed album, Transistor Sister(You’ve Changed Records), Shotgun Jimmie has released the new video for, “Suzy.” Directed by Ken Galloway (D-Sisive, Miesha and the Spanks, Muneshine), the clip sets the song’s tale of teenage romance against the surreal backdrop of urban ski scenes.

While Jimmie and his backing band of Ian Kehoe (Attack in Black, Marine Dreams) and Jay Baird (Feist, Do Make Say Think), had a relatively easy one day shoot, the other performers didn’t get off so easy…

“We shot this video over two days; an interior day, and an exterior day,” says director, Galloway. “Unfortunately for our performers, the exterior day just happened to be the hottest day ever in Toronto history. Needless to say, our team turned more than few heads, and sweated more than a few buckets in their ridiculous ski attire. I think it was worth it though… Hopefully they agree.”

[youtube 7OtXSwOU35E]