Two The Sea comes to Metro

When it comes to the winter in Canada, the season probably ranks among the least desirable times to launch a tour anywhere too far from home.

But in the case of Max Wray and Kirby Of Leominster, two Hamilton, ON singer-songwriters, it is not so much them choosing the time of year to tour as much it is their musical instincts guiding them to hit the Trans-Canada highway.

The musicians will be performing at Moncton’s Plan B on Thursday, March 10, starting at 10 p.m.

“I think that if you want to tour and be a traveling musician, you just go for it because you need to go,” Kirby says. “I think you will find a lot of uncertain or weekend warrior types of musicians that will tour in the summer because it’s the safer path. It is usually better driving and you can mix in a vacation as well.

“And it is not to knock that approach. I think if you want to travel and take the stage while you’re at it, you go for it.”

Having met his tour mate Wray at one of many shows in Steeltown, the duo is keeping things relatively simple on its upcoming east coast tour.

“It is just Max, two guitars and myself,” Kirby says. “Playing solo shows give a very different but intimate feeling for the night.”

Kirby acknowledges that playing with a full band can serve as a security blanket of sorts, allowing the burden to be shared across four or five musicians rather than shouldering everything on your own. He doesn’t mind the challenge presented by playing solo though.

“When you’re playing on your own, the burden is fully on you as the artist to captivate the audience. It ends up being a little more challenging; it is really sink or swim.”

Those interested in keeping tabs on Kirby and Wray’s adventures (or misadventures) while on the Atlantic coast need only to visit a website set up specifically for keeping fans apprised on how their tour is going,

“We’ve found that people have a need and desire to share their experiences. You see it online everyday with social media and people sharing links to things they enjoy or find interesting.

“What Max and I hope to do with Two The Sea is just an extension of that. If you can’t be there with us, we want to make you feel as if you could be.”

Article published in March 4, 2011 edition of the Times & Transcript