Them Crooked Vultures – S/T (Universal Music Canada)

TCVAt long last, the world hears the latest super group to take a stab at making music together, only this group is worth hearing. Comprised of Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl, Queens Of The Stone Age leader Josh Homme and Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones, the group delivers a superb record. Musically, the trio melds Homme’s stoner rock and Jones’ classic rock pasts and back it all with Grohl’s bombastic drumming.

Although they might not be “out there” enough for QOTSA fans and not “mainstream” enough for Foo Fighters fans, the group finds an impeccable rock n roll groove on No One Loves Me & Neither Do I, Elephants and Caligulove.

While they might not be reinventing the wheel, they do a damn fine job making music together. Let’s hope there is more to come from this trio at some point in the future.

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