The Weather Station Kicks Off Sackville’s Stereophonic Festival


Sackville community radio station CHMA is kicking off their 13th annual funding drive Stereophonic on Thursday night with a show from acclaimed Toronto artist The Weather Station, the stage name of songwriter Tamara Lindeman.

Over the course of three studio records, the most recent of which being Loyalty, released in May 2015, Lindeman has crafted beautifully-orchestrated yet simplistic folk-pop, earning praise from international publications including Pitchfork, The Globe & Mail and more.

As one of the first topics of conversation, Lindeman shares how much she is looking forward to returning to Sackville, having previously performed at the 2013 edition of Stereophonic.

“In spite of the festival taking place in the freezing cold month of January, I always feel a sense of gratitude and warmth when I am in Sackville,” she says. “It just means so much to me. It is always a great thing to reconnect with people you don’t see all the time and consistently be greeted like a long lost pal.”

While Lindeman informally began her career in music by singing in choirs and playing piano, she says that she began writing songs at an early age, albeit ones that she made up as she went along.

Sadly, it took the passing of a boyfriend to thrust her into music on a more regular basis.

“I had a boyfriend that passed away when I was 19 years old. It was very shocking and a very strange event for anyone to live through when you are that young. It wasn’t something you tend to prepare for when you’re that age. I had a big group of friends, but then I had this major life event which served to isolate me from many of those people, just by virtue that they hadn’t experienced anything similar,” she says.

“I ended up retreating to my room and began creating these sound collages on my computer that I just felt made sense to me, and eventually, I began singing over top of them.”

Before long, Lindeman was inspired to pick up the guitar, but, perhaps ironically, initially pushed back against venturing into the realm of folk music. After accepting an invitation from fellow musician Daniel Romano to have him help her record some of her material, she says it was he that ended up convincing her that her songs were best set to an acoustic guitar.

“At the outset, I wanted to stay far away from doing a folk kind-of thing with my music. Daniel pointed out, however, that, whether I wanted to admit it or not, those were the type of songs I was writing. We recorded the tracks with an acoustic guitar, and the minute we listened back to them, I was immediately grateful that he had talked me into it.”

Recorded at the legendary La Frette Studio in France, Loyalty is arguably Lindeman’s finest work to date, revelling in an intimacy that immediately draws the listener in.

Loyalty feels like the logical continuation of what I was trying to do with past records. It feels stronger and more mature, but is also a little more emotional and bolder than my previous album. I still feel really proud of the record. When I look back on the songs that comprise Loyalty, I feel nothing but pride. I am proud to stand behind this record,” she says.

What: The Weather Station
When: Thursday Jan. 21, 9 p.m.
Where: Thunder & Lightning, 23 Bridge St., Sackville
Tickets are $10, available at the door