The Wallflowers – Collected 1996-2005 (Universal Music Canada)

Wallflowers.jpgSeeing how roots-pop-rockers The Wallflowers debut record barely registered a blip anywhere, it is not terribly surprising that their first career retrospective picks up with their sophomore record Bringing Down The Horse. Unfortunately, the band never quite recaptured the success they found with that sophomore record on their subsequent albums; it is not for a lack of quality material though: 

Naturally, Bringing Down The Horse has the greatest representation on this compilation, with five tracks including hits 6th Avenue Heartache, One Headlight and The Difference. Their 2000 record [Breach] is probably my favourite record of theirs and is represented by four tracks including highlights Sleepwalker and the melancholic Hand Me Down. 2002’s Red Letter Days offers great tracks like the lushly subdued Closer To You and How Good It Can Get. Previously unreleased track Eat You Sleeping fits well along these other tracks; it doesn’t break new ground as much as staying true to the band’s history.

This is a decent way to sum up The Wallflowers career to date. I can only hope that this isn’t going to be the last chapter in their career.

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