The Sojourners – S/T (Black Hen Music)

Taking from traditional inspirational material as well as carefully selected covers from bands including Los Lobos, The Sojourners deliver a compelling gospel album that deserves to be heard. 

While the genre is not my usual listening fare, the group’s harmonies and the uplifting melodies guiding them are for a lack of better term, truly inspirational. Mixing R&B, doo wop and blues together, the group strikes all the right chords and deliver a particularly strong record from start to finish. 

Take one listen to toe-tapping tracks such as By and By, Brother Moses Smote The Water as well as the down-trodden sounding Lead Me, Guide Me and try not to be swayed by the gorgeous sounds emanating from your speakers. 

With this latest album, The Sojourners quite capably prove that inspirational music need not be preachy to make a real impact on your audience.