The Playdates – S/T (Independent)

In listening to the debut release of Saint John band The Playdates, it truly is little wonder that these lads have got labels sniffing at their heels. Though there are only six songs featured on this EP, I have to say that the band’s song writing skills truly is world-class. The pop hooks in tracks like Days and Nights and Just Like The Movies scream to be played for a stadium-sized audience. Sure, it’s pretty radio friendly pop stuff but since when is that such a bad thing? I would definitely recommend you pick this up and support some home-grown talent. Some day, you just might be able to say you knew of them before the rest of the world did.


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  1. The keyboard player and I go way back . He was in my homeroom in grades 9 and 11 and most of my electives. The lead singer also used to go to my High School , so I do know them before they were famous 🙂

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