The MusicNerd Q&A With Your Favorite Enemies


What’s that? You say that you’ve never heard of Quebec rock band Your Favorite Enemies? Chances are, if you live outside of Quebec, you are not alone but don’t expect them to be a well-kept secret much longer.

Kerrang, one of the world’s biggest-selling rock magazines, recently crowned the band “Canada’s Best Kept Secret”. And while they have cultivated a dedicated following in their home province as well as overseas, they remain largely unknown to the rest of Canada.

The MusicNerd Chronicles spoke with guitarist Jeff Beaulieu earlier this week about the group’s latest achievement as well as what the future holds for the band:

First off, congrats on the kudos from Kerrang! You must feel extremely proud of such an accomplishment. 

Thanks! It’s something we’re very proud of indeed. It was a huge surprise. Our mothers assumed we were only studying overseas. Our cover is now blown.

What led the band to begin touring so extensively overseas?

We never sat down to write a five-year plan on how to conquer the world. Our story has always been about putting the best of who we are into words and music, and then spending numerous hours sharing on our multiple online communities with people from all over the world. Music is about sharing and connecting on a level nothing else can create in such a powerful and meaningful way, and about nurturing this in a true and humble way with open hands.

You’ve got a new record due out in spring 2014. Will you continue to focus efforts overseas or will this be the time that you look to Canada to start building your name here? 

We already know we’ll be touring in France and in the UK this spring, which is quite amazing. Since we now have the privilege to release our album in Canada this April, we will be spending a lot of time here, which we are really looking forward to because it has been something we’ve been dreaming of and talking about for such a long time.

Is it a bit of a mixed blessing to be so well received outside of Canada but not have that same recognition in your home country? 

I always trusted that one day we would find our way across Canada. For me, true recognition comes with the fact that we are still together, the six of us, after so many storms, doing what we enjoy the most. Having the opportunity to share our music with incredible people night after night around the world really is a gift in itself.