The MusicNerd Q&A With The Posies

Photo By Julian Ochoa
Photo By Julian Ochoa

2013 marks the 20th anniversary of The Posies landmark record Frosting On The Beater, considered by many to be one of the quintessential power pop records of all time.  Later this year, the still going strong Posies will play 10 shows in Spain where they will perform Frosting On The Beater as well as their fourth record, 1996’s Amazing Disgrace in their entirety.

Here Magazine reminisced with The Posies founding members Jon Auer and Ken Stringfellow earlier this week:

Looking back on Frosting On The Beater, how do you feel it stands the test of time?

Stringfellow: It’s quite pure, I think. It is of its time, but we were never that savvy, so we don’t suffer from being too perfectly suited to our zeitgeist. Not really being in anyone’s nostalgia gives us freedom in a way so the record can be a bit more timeless.

Same question for you Jon, but let’s talk Amazing Disgrace instead…

Auer: I enjoy it especially for its diversity. I think it holds up well because of it. When you really break the record down, it is our most aggressive record overall and has the most visceral energy captured.  In some parts of Europe, it is arguably more popular than Frosting On The Beater.

Is there anything you’d change about Amazing Disgrace if you were given the opportunity?

Auer: Actually, there are two songs (Terrorized and Sad To Be Aware) we recorded for Amazing Disgrace that, for whatever reason, we decided didn’t “belong”. Ultimately, in hindsight, maybe they should have been on there. They are two of my personal faves; the performances and recordings are spot on. At this point, I can’t even begin remember why we decided not to include them.

Is there any consideration being given to reissuing Frosting On The Beater, including B-sides, etc along with the original album?

Auer: I’m pretty certain are many quality items available for such a release, even with all the Frosting… related B-sides and outtakes already out there.

Stringfellow: We are actually working a great reissue series of our albums. Stay tuned. It will be done right.

Are there any plans to perform some album anniversary shows in North America at any point? 

Stringfellow: There are no plans at this time. No one is asking at the moment although I’m relatively sure that it will come up.

Article published in the June 13, 3013 edition of Here Magazine

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