The MusicNerd Q&A With The Meds

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From their humble beginnings in a Prince Edward Island basement in 2006, The Meds have come a long way, baby. The rock group has toured throughout Canada, supporting the likes of their pal Matt Mays, The Sheepdogs, The Trews and more.

In late 2012, the group released their debut EP, produced by Mays while just last month, they released the highly anticipated follow-up, South America.

The Meds celebrate the release of their newest record with a pair of shows in New Brunswick: They perform at Moncton’s Tide & Boar Gastropub (700 Main St., Moncton) on Thursday May 15. On Saturday May 17, they invade Fredericton’s Capital Complex (362 Queen St.)

Meds guitarist Pat MacDonald and bassist Iain McCarvill recently spoke with The MusicNerd Chronicles about their take on the closely-knit music scene of Atlantic Canada.

What is your take on last month’s East Coast Music Awards?

IM: Pound for pound, I think the music scene in Atlantic Canada is one of the strongest in the country. I feel as though PEI really kind of hits above our weight in terms of the amount of great bands that the province is turning out. In that sense, it is exciting to be a part of that. We feel very lucky to have been welcomed with open arms.

PM: Having the East Coast Music Awards in our backyard was great for so many reasons. We made some great industry connections with folks from Canada, the United States and Europe but we also had the chance to play a couple of great shows. It is all about relationship building. You meet people now that you might be able to somehow leverage two or three years down the road when the timing is right.

You guys worked with Trews vocalist-guitarist Colin MacDonald for a couple of songs on South America. How did that opportunity come about?

IM: During Music PEI week in 2013, Colin was in attendance for some songwriting sessions. Our singer Kyle had the opportunity to sit down with him and they just hit it off. He came to see us play in Toronto last year and it was then that we decided that we should work together.

It is always encouraging to see established acts and musicians take the time to help nurture bands that are coming up through the ranks.

IM: Absolutely. It is not a competitive thing at all. I think most musicians are open to helping others. Having the chance to work with guys like Matt Mays and Colin just serves as encouragement for us to pay it forward.