The MusicNerd Q&A With The Darkness

thedarkness-marianneharrisWhen The Darkness burst onto the international music scene with their 2003 debut record Permission To Land, fans all over the globe gravitated towards the group’s high-energy rock n roll. Their sophomore record, 2005’s One Way Ticket To Hell…And Back failed to make the same impression upon audiences however within a year of the record’s release, the band would go their separate ways.

This good thing didn’t come to a permanent end, however. The Darkness regrouped in 2011 with a series of live shows before entering the studio to make their third full-length effort, Hot Cakes. The album has fared well with critics and fans worldwide, landing on many Best of 2012 lists including iTunes, Paste and Magnet.

Frankie Poullain, bassist of The Darkness, checked in with Here Magazine last week just prior to their sole Canadian in Toronto this past Monday:

Your latest record Hot Cakes seems to have the same spirit that the group displayed on your debut effort. Was this a conscious thing on the band’s part?

One Way Ticket… was a less appealing record to the general public than our debut was. The songs were definitely written from a different approach, a more luxurious one. I don’t think it is a bad record by any means. Our first record was very raw and rooted in rock n roll while the follow-up was capturing the band at a time that Justin [Hawkins, vocalist] was in love and was writing songs about that. One Way Ticket… was a lot more deliberate and considered and in turn ended up being less spontaneous.

Were you surprised that the group got back together, let alone made a new record?

I think we were probably the most surprised of anyone but I think it is just because we are so close to it. I never thought it was going to happen but it seems like everyone else thought it was inevitable.

Are you enjoying being back on the road?   

Very much so. Delivering the live experience for our fans is a huge thing for us. The band is fresh and in great physical shape; we aren’t as messed up as we were back then. We absolutely love getting up on stage and being able to rock out. We were fortunate to support Lady Gaga for five months but it is time for us to do our own thing now. We are loving it.