The MusicNerd Q&A With The Backhomes

TheBackhomes_Photo_WEBPsychedelic pop duo The Backhomes is the musical project of Kees Dekker and Aimee van Drimmelen. Originally, the duo called Montreal home but are currently enjoying life on the beautiful Canadian west coast.

The Backhomes are currently winding their way throughout Canada and the United States promoting their newest release Only Friend. The record is garnering strong reviews right across the board. says that the album is a “well-blended mixture of some of music’s greatest eras…[The Backhomes] have truly constructed a gem worth befriending.”

The Backhomes only New Brunswick stop is at Moncton’s Plan B on Wednesday July 31. Kees Dekker from the band spoke with Here Magazine earlier this month:

When did The Backhomes get together? 

We started playing about three years ago. We both played in other bands in Montreal but hadn’t played much together. We had a few song ideas that we were psyched to try together and ended up booking a show opening for Aimee’s other band Key of K. That got us working on things, rehearsing, writing and experimenting. We then left Montreal and had a layover of eight or nine months in Aimee’s family cabin in rural Saskatchewan which allowed us to figure out our sound a bit before moving to our current digs in BC.

Which groups do you consider to have been the most influential upon you as a musician? 

Certain bands and artists really opened my eyes to the possibilities of making music and art without fear of needing to be a master of any one instrument, and that having an idea or emotion to express was as important as being able to play guitar with my teeth or whatever. Growing up in Moncton with a healthy scene of punk rock and noisy pop influenced me a ton, so Eric’s Trip and Elevator were huge! My friends and I also stumbled upon some weird bands in the bins of Room 201 that turned me an on to noisy psychedelic rock like Flying Saucer Attack, Spacemen 3 and so many others that blew the doors open.

Are you looking forward to getting back to New Brunswick on The Backhomes tour? 

I love it in New Brunswick. Getting to visit for a bit with friends and family while on tour is going to be the best. It was a shock to me how cold the Pacific Ocean is compared to the Northumberland Strait. I am definitely looking forward to some time spent at the beach.

Article published in the July 24, 2013 edition of Here Magazine

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