The MusicNerd Q&A With Raine Maida

As the lead vocalist for Canadian rock group Our Lady Peace, Raine Maida is no stranger to the spotlight. While he has achieved multi-platinum success with the group, Maida is also building a rather powerful arsenal of solo works.

His first solo release, Love Hope Hero, was released in 2006, followed by The Hunter’s Lullaby the following year. And on Tuesday March 26, Maida will release his newest solo effort, We All Get Lighter. Taking the album title from an inscription given to him by beat poet John Giorno, Maida based the record on the premise of “humility, understanding and unequivocal equality. We all leave this planet one day. We all get lighter.”

Maida spoke with Here Magazine earlier this week:

It seems as though members of bands are breaking off more frequently to pursue interests outside of the confines of their “usual” gig. What is your motivation to pursue this?

I have always felt a little confined by the music business. With Our Lady Peace, we would typically record 12 songs for a record and then tour the album for 18 months. It is basically a two-year cycle in which we are only producing 10 to 12 new songs. If you think of the amount of work that a painter or poet could turn out in two years, having only 10 songs represent your artistic life pales in comparison.

For the most part, it is the fans that win anyway, not having to wait two years between albums.

There might be a bit of a learning curve for the consumer but I think everyone is well able to figure it out. I think you can release too much music. You still want to be sure you’re putting out quality stuff; more is not always better but it is nice not having to wait.

Are you going to be undertaking much in the way of touring in support of the record?

I don’t have too much interest in being on the road for 18 months promoting this record. I have already filmed a concert, but we haven’t played an actual show yet. The concert was recorded at the Victoria Chapel on the University of Toronto campus. I start mixing the audio once I get back to Los Angeles. We hope to have it released by Christmas.