The MusicNerd Q&A With Poor Young Things


Since the release of their EP Let It Sleep in 2012, Toronto via Thunder Bay rock band Poor Young Things have been on a never-ending tour of Canada and the United States. The group still somehow carved out the time to record and release The Heart. The Head. The End. this past May, joining the Warped Tour in the United States for a series of dates this past summer.

The boys just performed in Moncton last night but have a slew of shows scheduled in the Maritimes over the course of the next week. Check out the Poor Young Things tour schedule to see when they might be coming by your neck of the woods.

Poor Young Things vocalist-guitarist Matt Fratpietro checked in with The MusicNerd Chronicles last week:

I’ve lost count of how often you’ve played Moncton in the last two years. Your commitment to touring is really outstanding. Are you seeing that hard work paying off in terms of attendance at the shows?  

We’ve had shows where there were tons of people and shows where there weren’t so many. There are some Moncton fans that have gotten their own private show on more than one occasion. We’re still a relatively young band and we have a lot of work to do.  It’s always fun, though and, big or small, the crowd’s always into it.

How much time have you spent at home so far this year?  

Well we’ve basically been on the road since May, so not too much!  When we do get time off, it’s never more than a few days.

Obviously being away so much can take a toll on personal relationships. How is everyone in the band managing? 

It’s tough sometimes to deal with the realities of dating someone in a band. We’re gone a lot, and that can be a difficult thing to reconcile. The important thing is to make the moments that you’re around count. (So cheesy)

How did the ceaseless touring behind your debut EP help shape the songs on The Heart. The Head. The End.? 

It was literally recorded between tours, so there’s a certain sense of urgency in the material. It’s an album about life on the road and being away from your loves ones.

What’s on tap for the new year for the band?  

I think we’re going to take a little break and write some new songs; get the creative juices flowing again.  It’s been such a busy year, and it’ll be great to finally have some downtime.

If the Poor Young Things were dressing up and going out for Halloween (and maybe you are), what band would you be dressing up as and why?  

Easy. The Village People. Why? Two words…assless chaps.