The MusicNerd Q&A With Pigeon Park


It is a very good time for Vancouver modern rock band Pigeon Park. After having wrapped up one Western Canadian tour earlier this year, the band is touring through Western Canada once again but with the benefit of a big win behind them. Last month, the band walked away the Grand Prize winners of Vancouver radio station The Fox’s Seeds Competition, which, among other things, won them a pile of cash, a pile of gear as well as the chance to open a run of shows for the Sam Roberts Band.

If success is going to their heads, they certainly are doing a great job concealing it. Pigeon Park guitarist Kevin Okabe spoke with Here Magazine about their Black Widow EP as well as what the Fox Seeds Competition win means for the group.

At a time when the support of local music for terrestrial radio stations seems to be getting increasingly more rare, has Fox FM been a proud supporter of West Coast talent?

The Fox has been nothing but great to us. From what we have seen, if you put in the work, show that you can take advice and have the tenacity it takes to be a part of a successful band, they will stand behind you. There is no question that the Fox Seeds Competition helps shine a lot of light on the local scene and what it has to offer but ultimately, it is on the band to get noticed.

Since the win, have you felt as though the group is under a bit more of a microscope? Are you feeling any additional pressure because of the win?

I definitely think that there is more attention on us now but we probably felt more pressure or as though we were under a microscope when the contest was still on. More often than not, pressure comes from within the band. We are constantly pushing ourselves and striving to be a better group.

One of the prizes that the band was awarded is the opportunity to make a record with Garth Richardson whose resume includes Rage Against The Machine among others. Is the band going back to the drawing board often to ensure you are bringing your best material forward?

I think we are always trying to make our songs better. If you wait for someone to push you to greatness, that moment might never come. We already have many songs floating around but are trying to write as much as we can so that we can be sure the next record counts.