The MusicNerd Q&A With Emilio Fina

Emilio Fina
If you’ve been someone that has put your passion on hold for whatever reason, Canadian tenor Emilio Fina is proof positive that you are never too old to chase your dreams. At the age of 38, Fina has just released his debut album, O Sole Mio, through Sony Music Canada. A tenured Air Canada Cargo employee by day, Fina captured the hearts and ears of the judges as well as the general public when he performed on the sole season of Canada’s Got Talent in 2012.

Emilio Fina spoke with Here Magazine last week about his musical roots as well as balancing life as a father, a working joe and an acclaimed classical vocalist.

Tell me a little bit about your musical upbringing.

My parents were an incredible influence on me. My father is Italian while my mother is Prince Edward Island-born but was raised in Nova Scotia. There was always so much music, mostly fiddle and piano music, from her side of the family. As a young boy, I joined the church choir. I feel it was my voice that led me there as opposed to it being a conscious decision.

Did you feel destined for a career in music at an early age?

Growing up, I wasn’t really different from anyone else. I played hockey, I played soccer and loved the band Kiss as a kid. Classical music was brought into my life rather subtlety. My parents knew that I was a very eager child and let me do what I wanted to do. As a teen, I joined musicals and played piano and then made the adult decision to be a classical vocalist as the opportunity presented itself.

Are you still working with Air Canada Cargo or is music a full-time venture for you?

I am now in my 16th year with Air Canada Cargo.

How do you find the time to hold down a full-time job while also balancing a family and trying to get a music career off the ground?

I am busy but it’s not as hard as some might think. I assume that regardless of genre, many musicians work full-time to pay the bills and support their families while also pursuing their passion. I am really pleased with the way that music is unfolding for me but I still take lessons and work hard at it. There is no denying that it is all very exciting for me, however.

Article published in the July 4, 2013 edition of Here Magazine

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