The MusicNerd Q&A With Darren Frost

I first met Toronto’s Darren Frost in November 1997 when we were both (separately) booked on the short-lived The Mike Bullard Show, me with my band The Monoxides, and him as a comedian.

At the end of the show taping, as we gathered around Mike Bullard’s desk to give a big communal wave goodbye, two of my bandmates playfully beat Darren up, not knowing he had actually broken a rib while performing earlier in the show, inflicting unintentional (additional) real pain upon the poor man. The latter information I believe only came to light approximately two years ago when Darren and I connected to advance a performance in the Moncton area.

Frost is making his way back to Atlantic Canada this weekend. He is set to perform five shows at Yuk Yuk’s in Saint John from Thursday Dec. 14 through Saturday Dec. 16.

Snowflakes be warned: Frost isn’t the kind of comedian to not pull punches while on stage. For better or worse, he is very much a black sheep in Canada’s fertile comedy scene.

He acknowledges his chosen path of black comedy isn’t endearing to all audiences, but also has zero regrets about his decision.

I recently caught up with Darren for a quick chat in advance of his return to New Brunswick:

How would you describe your show and comedic style to someone that hasn’t seen you before? 

Many people have described my comedy as being edgy and in your face angry. For me, my comedy is based in truth. It’s all based on what’s going on in my life at that particular moment in time. If there is a crazy story about my kids or a big news story, I will always try and put my slant of comedy on it. Really though, I think labelling comedy and putting it into a box ultimately limits its appeal. You will always be surprised at what you will laugh at when you relax and enjoy the ride. That is what my comedy is…a huge rollercoaster ride that is 45 minutes long.

You’ve performed in cities and towns of all sizes all across Canada. When it comes to performing, do you have any kind of preference as to where you find you are best able to connect with audiences? 

People always ask what my favorite place to perform is, but truthfully, it’s not based on size. Just give me people who want to hear my kind of comedy and not 200 people celebrating a birthday for someone they don’t care about. That being said, there is something to be said about performing in smaller towns vs big cities. Smaller towns appreciate live entertainment and don’t just cross their arms at shows and think “HEY MAKE ME LAUGH.” Towns that have a good rock and roll history tend to be great for me. I think that when it comes to seeing shows, people just to see there’s a passion and an energy behind what you’re doing.

What does 2018 have in store for you? 

It is already shaping up to be my biggest year to date. In January, I am doing a USO tour that hits Guam, the Marshall Islands, and Alaska. With Donald Trump in office, let’s hope the only bomb in Guam is my act. Aside from that, I will be continuing doing voices in a bunch of cartoons, including Ranger Rob and Camp Lakebottom. Next summer, I will be releasing my next CD, which is comprised of material pulled from shows over the last two years. All five of my shows in Saint John this weekend will be recorded. So who knows…if the shows are great as I’ve heard they could be, the album just might be called Darren Frost Live From Saint John.