The MusicNerd Q&A With Century Thief


If there is one thing that many independent musicians will tell you, it isn’t hella cheap to make a record. Sure, the technology to make albums at home is probably the best it has ever been but nonetheless, there is still money to be spent when it comes to getting a new record released.

Enter Toronto folk group Century Thief. Like many before them, the group has launched a fundraising campaign to help offset the costs of getting new music released. I spoke with Century Thief member Mike Legere about the group’s Indiegogo campaign in advance of the group’s performance at James Joyce Irish Pub (659 Queen St., Fredericton) on Wednesday October 9.

Your Indiegogo campaign to raise $2000 is a rather modest goal however competition for the public’s money via these campaigns isn’t exactly slowing down however. Was your end goal a reflection of this perceived competition? 

That was definitely a part of it. We noticed an over-saturation of like campaigns and figured that $2000 was completely achievable and might not look as daunting to the people we were hoping would help fund the release.

Needless to say that with only $2000, you won’t be ordering in caviar and escargots every day while in the studio…

Actually the studio we are working at is built on an old snail farm, so you could say we got lucky with that. $2000 doesn’t cover all of the expenses by a long shot, but it could definitely help. We have been lucky enough to be able to take our time making this record without focusing too much on hourly costs. We have all been a part of projects in the past where we had a very limited budget and everything felt rushed and stressful and, in the end, we couldn’t really achieve everything we set out to do.

How is trying to “break” Toronto as a band? Is it as daunting of a prospect as some would expect it to be? 

It is a challenge to get people’s attention when there really is so much happening in the city. It feels as though we are constantly competing with other events, however it is also really amazing and refreshing because there is so much good music. It can be daunting yet we have never really ever felt as though we are all alone. Despite the real or perceived competition, there are also little communities that support each other.

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