The MusicNerd Q&A With Burgundy Drive

I first met the members of Saint John rock band Burgundy Drive at this past October’s Music New Brunswick Week, before I heard one single note of their music, and was immediately struck by their drive and determination.

The young but wonderfully talented group is celebrating the release of their self-titled debut EP at Saint John’s InterAction School of Performing Arts on Friday Jan. 12.

Burgundy Drive vocalist Ian McGill recently took some time to discuss the band and their debut effort.

Who makes up Burgundy Drive? When was the band formed? 

We have myself on vocals, Brandon Murdoch on guitar, Caleb James on bass and Luc Poirier on drums and backing vocals. We got together toward the end of the summer in 2016. We met at a summer music camp and while jamming one day, we realized we had strong chemistry and we’ve been great friends and bandmates ever since.

Where did the EP come together? Who helped steer the ship? 

We recorded between March and September of last year with Corey Bonnevie of Little You Little Me. Working with Corey was really cool since he’s such a genuinely incredible musician. He was super focused 100% of the time and was genuinely interested in helping us fulfill the vision that we had as the artists. The experience was especially beneficial for Brandon, as Corey helped introduce a number of techniques and that hadn’t been familiar with, which ended up lending an air of excitement to the recording process.

Looking back on the recording experience, what would you say stood out in terms of a lesson learned? 

It was insane how much we learned throughout the whole experience. The biggest experience was realizing just how much work goes into studio time. It’s definitely not always going to be a quick process and it can mess with your head. There are sessions where you can nail down a track in 30 minutes, but there are sessions where you can spend a couple of hours on one track. In the end, it takes patience but it’s an absolute blast nonetheless.

What does 2018 hold for Burgundy Drive? 

For the year, we’re focused on selling our EP and gigging as much as possible. We’re hoping to play throughout New Brunswick, especially Moncton and Fredericton, in front of as many people as we can. We think 2018 is going be a rad year and we couldn’t be more pumped.