The MusicNerd Q&A With Ben Caplan

Photo by Courtney Lee Yip
Photo by Courtney Lee Yip

Nova Scotia’s Ben Caplan has earned his rest.

After touring relentlessly behind his critically acclaimed debut effort In The Time of the Great Remembering, Caplan is pausing to catch his breath while also putting the finishing touches on a brand new record, due for release early next year.

Performing as a part of the Friday line-up at the Larlee Creek Hullabaloo (, Caplan spoke with Here Magazine earlier this week and shared some details on fans should expect with his sophomore record.

In the time since your debut record was released in November 2011, it seemed as though you were constantly on the road. But your upcoming show at the Larlee Creek Hullaballoo is only one of three shows you currently have scheduled. I am assuming there is a perfectly good reason behind your lack of live shows over the last four to five months?

I’ve been working on a new record in Montreal and editing it in Ottawa. When I am not doing that, I’ve been at home starting to write album number three.

Would you ideally liked to have followed up your debut record a little more quickly?

I was far busier than I ever could have anticipated with my debut. It kept me on the road for almost 10 months a year for each of the past few years so writing new material just wasn’t in the cards. I admire those that can write new material when they are on the road. I just don’t happen to be one of them. If I have free time while I am on the road, I would much rather play Frisbee with some friends than to worry about writing a new song.

How would you characterize this newest batch of songs that will be on your next album?

My approach is very similar to what is found on In The Time of the Great Remembering, but the songs have become much more lush. I have taken the time with this record to find fuller ways of getting into the songs. With my first album, I took the time to figure out how songs would sound live as well as in the studio where with this next album, I am not as concerned about how to translate the songs live.

Given the acclaim given to your debut, do you feel as though more eyes and ears are tuned into what you are doing?

Knowing that I have an audience that will be paying attention to this record marks a big difference from my debut. With my first record, I didn’t know that anyone would even care or give the record a chance. I’ve been very fortunate.