The MusicNerd Q&A With Arkells

71687_PublicityPhoto_MICHIGANLEFT_300RGBAlthough it boasted a slightly more poppy edge than their debut record Jackson Square did, Hamilton rock band Arkells proved pop wasn’t a bad thing with their infectious sophomore record Michigan Left.

Arkells’ member Mike DeAngelis spoke with Here Magazine last week about the group’s seemingly endless tour schedule as well as what touring with The Tragically Hip means to them.

If you don’t already have your tickets to see Arkells perform in support of The Tragically Hip at Casino New Brunswick on Friday February 1, we are sorry to report you are out of luck. The show is sold out.

It seems as though Arkells have been on the road virtually non-stop since the release of Michigan Left in October 2011.

In addition to touring on our own, we toured through the United States a couple of times with Lights and toured Germany with Billy Talent. All in all, I believe we were on the road a good nine months of the year last year.

Is touring the United States daunting in any way, even just with respect to how many cities there are to play compared to Canada?

You can be an active band and easily tour the States for two to three months. There are so many markets to play. It is a huge commitment for any band and for us so far, it has been good. The internet has done wonders in terms of helping spread the word about the band. Ultimately, we hope to make fans in the States the same way we did in Canada, by touring.

Does the band have any plans to get back into the studio soon?

There is definitely a new record on the horizon. We are working on a bunch of new songs and are hoping to head into the studio later this year.

What does being on tour with a Canadian institution like The Tragially Hip mean to Arkells?

If anything, the Hip have shown us the importance of going on stage every night and giving it your all. Seeing them play night after night is inspirational. The Hip has an incredible history of supporting fellow Canadian bands by bringing them out on tour with them. To be picked to open for them is both flattering and an honour.

Article published int he January 31, 2013 edition of Here Magazine