The Glorious Sons Anxiously Await Return To Concert Stage

As Kingston, Ont. rock band The Glorious Sons prepare to pull double-duty on Canada Day – the group plays Moncton’s Canada 150 celebrations early in the day before heading to Fredericton to perform Saturday evening – lead singer Brett Emmons couldn’t be more excited about the group’s imminent return to both the Maritimes as well as the concert stage.

Over the course of the last year or so, Emmons shares the group has intentionally kept a lower profile than what they are accustomed to. In the downtime from the concert stage, the group not only cultivated a new studio record, but also took some time away for themselves.

“This downtime was a first for the band,” Emmons says. “But it was a conscious decision amongst all of us in the group to go silent for awhile. We never stopped writing songs or playing music, we just needed to step out of the spotlight.”

While the group’s decision to lay low for a period of time may have been unanimous, Emmons says that at a certain point, an itch to get back in front of audiences began to gnaw away at them, both individually and collectively.

“So many bands get in this business to play live, and we are no exception to that rule. It was good for us to take some time away, because we think everyone needs to take a breather every now and then. The time off also brought a fresh, renewed perspective to what it is we do. After awhile of laying low, though, the itch to get out and play live again starts to eat at you,” he says.

Fortunately for Emmons and his bandmates – guitarists Chris Koster and Jay Emmons, Chris Huot (bass), and drummer Adam Paquette – a pair of shows the group played just a couple of weeks ago helped scratch that live show itch the band had been anxiously feeling.

“Those two shows really helped affirm how much we love playing live. I think we were each more content after having played those two shows than we had been for months,” Emmons says, laughing.

“Whether you’re playing in front of 100, 1,000, or 10,000 people, it’s just good for both the mind and the spirit.”

Founded in 2011, it’s been a relatively quick rise to fame for The Glorious Sons. Between their first EP, 2013’s Shapeless Art and The Union, the band’s 2014 full-length debut, the group racked up an impressive seven consecutive Top 10 radio hits, including their first Number One hit, “The Contender,” which became the first CanCon single to reach the top of the rock radio charts in almost two years.

Not surprisingly, the group finished 2015 as the most played artist on Canadian rock radio, and also found themselves on the receiving end of a pair of Sirius XM Indie Awards for Group of the Year and Rock Group of the Year.

One of The Glorious Sons’ biggest tests of their career still lies ahead, however: The dreaded second album. Though Emmons confirms the group’s next album is in the can – the single “Kill The Lights” was released this past January – he keeps a potential release date and album title otherwise close to his chest.

Asked what fans should expect to hear from The Glorious Sons with their next album, Emmons says the group has musically spread its wings while also incorporating a significant amount of personal experiences gained over the last six years.

“We didn’t want to just go into the studio and make The Union Part 2,” he says. “We wanted to find a way to put our energy and personality into the songs, offer something new to fans, and take a few chances. In some respects, we aren’t all that far into our career, but I think trying new things with each album is something that is going to define the band to a certain extent. It’s a little bit scary, but it’s also an exciting time for the band. Our new album is something I am very proud of.”

What: The Glorious Sons with Alan Doyle, Coeur de Pirate, Bois Joli
When: Saturday July 1, 4 p.m.
Where: Assomption Blvd., Downtown Moncton
Admission is free and open to all ages