The Dudes – Blood Guts Bruises Cuts (Loadmusic / EMI Music Canada)

Dudes.jpgFrom Calgary, Alberta come the plaintively named The Dudes. Sure, the name is simple and so is the music they are making for that matter, but that doesn’t make them any less kick-ass. The Dudes end up owing much to classic-rock bands with a hint of soul (yes, soul music) peeking through the vocals of Danny Vacon. They stake their territory, offering plenty of fuzzed-out guitars and a tight rhythm section on tracks like Mr. Someone Else, Pretty Lies and Ever Been To Taiwan. 

Chances are these songs are much more powerful when seeing the band in concert but until then, listening to them on CD will do just fine. This sure ain’t rocket science but no one ever said that rock n roll had to be so.

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