Sunny Day Real Estate – Diary / S/T (Reissues) (Sub Pop/Outside Music)

Sunny Day Real Estate has led an on-again off-again existence since their formation in 1992. As the indie-emo rock band winds their way through North America on a reunion tour, their former label Sub Pop has reissued the group’s first two records with bonus material included.

What is truly amazing is how well both records have stood the test of time over the past 15 years. Both records offer songs that are powerful but in an understated way that you might not immediately recognize; guitar-heavy but intensely melodic; intricately technical but without any pomp, overplaying or any hint of ego getting in the way of truly amazing music being created.

Both of these records should be considered essential listening to fans of indie rock. Great to see Sub Pop giving these records a second lease on life; both records have certainly warranted the attention.

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