Said The Whale performs in Moncton tonight

In the span of five years, pop rock band Said The Whale have certainly racked up their fair share of achievements. In addition to having secured a nationally televised documentary in their first half-decade of existence, the group walked away with the 2011 Juno Award for New Group of the Year while undertaking a seemingly ceaseless amount of touring that has taken them around the world.

Touring behind their critically acclaimed new record Little Mountains, Said The Whale will be performing Friday night at Moncton’s Manhattan Bar & Grill. Show time is set for 10 p.m.

Formed in 2007, Said The Whale released their full-length debut effort, Dubbed Howe Sounds / Taking Abalonia, in 2008. Their sophomore LP Islands Disappear was issued the following year and earned the band accolades from BBC Radio and influential music blog Consequence of Sound.

Miraculously, Said The Whale drummer Spencer Schoening says the pressure that the band was feeling when it came to the making of Little Mountains was exerted upon them by themselves, not external forces.

“I know a lot of bands talk about the ‘dreaded sophomore jinx’ and what not but the way I believe all of us see it is that we have much more pressure coming from ourselves than anyone else,” Schoening says. “The pressure comes simply from wanting to make the best record we can. It’s nothing new or unique to us though. I think many bands feel the same when it comes to making new music.”

Recorded with producer Tom Dobrzanski to make the 15-track Little Mountains, Schoening says the group had considered producing the record themselves before enlisting the services of Dobrzanski with whom the band had worked in the past.

“There is definitely a comfort level in working with Tom. We are already all great friends and we all know each other well. Tom is the perfect guy for us to work with because he is there to bounce ideas off of without making his presence be that of a producer totally getting into the mix of songwriting and what not. Often, he served as the voice of reason which was often all we needed.”

In a rather unique way to help the group market their new songs, Said The Whale have created a music video for each of Little Mountain’s 15 tracks. Rather than subjecting potential fans of the band to subpar quality live videos or music via online outlets like YouTube, Schoening insists that the process of making 15 videos allows the band to exert more control over what people see than if they were to leave it up to fate.

“When it came to making the videos, it was kind of go big or go home,” Schoening laughs. “Really though, we’re incredibly happy with how it all paid off. When we were discussing the project, we all basically agreed that if you were a fan interested in hearing more from a band, one of the first places that you are likely to go check them out is YouTube. We figured that if we provided a video for each song, it would help stave off people only seeing cell phone videos of us.

“Making a video for each of the album’s songs was a really interesting aspect to explore however as some of the themes for the videos ended up going farther than the song itself. The videos for some of the songs ended up exploring the emotional feel of the tracks while some of the videos don’t have much to do with the song at all. Before we left on tour, we had the opportunity to watch all of the videos and we all agreed the company that helped bring the videos to life did an amazing job. We are so happy with the end results.”

Article published in the April 6, 2012 edition of the Times & Transcript