Review: Vintage Trouble – 1 Hopeful Rd. (Blue Note / Universal Music Canada)

Vintage TroubleWith the rise of Leon Bridges, Sharon Jones and other like-minded artists over the last number of years, the first thing listeners are apt to notice when checking out 1 Hopeful Rd., the sophomore album from American band Vintage Trouble, is how effortlessly the group bridges the divide between R&B, soul and blues music. At one turn, the group delivers velvety-smooth soul on tracks like the Marvin Gaye-inspired “Doin’ What You Were Doin’,” “Shows What You Know,” and “If You Loved Me,” while on opening track “Run Like The River,” “Before The Tear Drops,” and the outgoing “Strike Your Light,” the quartet pays tribute to the blues with equally excellent results. While not an entirely unique sound, the group pulls it off well, offering a decent option to those looking for a little meat in their music. Don’t miss your chance to check out Vintage Trouble when the band supports Australian rock giants AC/DC at Moncton’s Magnetic Hill on Saturday Sept. 5.