Review: The Smugglers – Dirty Windshields: The Best Of… (Mint Records)

The City of Moncton always held a soft spot for Vancouver band The Smugglers, a group whose amped-up garage rock sound and irrepressible live shows made them stick out like a welcomed sore thumb in the pop-punk heyday of the 90’s. This digital-only compilation, taking songs from across the band’s eight album catalogue, serves as a companion release for Dirty Windshields the latest book from Smugglers vocalist and CBC Radio host Grant Lawrence in which he shares his good, bad, and ugly experiences of life on the road with The Smugglers.

Boasting 12 songs that fly by your ears in less than 30 minutes, it’s arguably impossible not to tap your foot along to tracks like “Especially You,” “To Serve, Protect, and Entertain,” “Rock & Roll Was Never This Fun,” “Booze Can,” and the group’s paean to their hometown, “Vancouver, BC.”

Dirty Windshields is an irresistibly fun look back on one of Canada’s most under-appreciated acts.