Review: The Northern Pikes – ICON (Universal Music Canada)

thenorthernpikesLooking at Canada from a geographically musical perspective, Saskatchewan has had a strong history of giving Canadians a generous helping of talent, including modern day acts like Andy Shauf and retro-inspired rock band The Sheepdogs. Long before either of those acts broke through to audiences, however, The Northern Pikes dominated Muchmusic and radio airwaves in the country with irrepressible pop gems like “Teenland,” “Hopes Go Astray,” “Kiss Me You Fool,” “Girl With A Problem,” “Things I Do For Money” and, what is arguably their biggest hit, “She Ain’t Pretty.” All those hits, plus five others, comprise this fantastic retrospective look at the group’s output from the 80’s and 90’s, a collection of material that has stood the test of time with good reason.