Review: The Jam – About The Young Idea DVD (Eagle Rock / Universal Music Canada)

The JamWhile their impact in North America was not as strongly felt as it was in Europe, the influence of British mod trio The Jam was felt throughout the years that followed, inspiring groups like the Arctic Monkeys, Oasis, The Smiths and more. About The Young Idea boasts new, insightful interviews with each of the band members, including former guitarist Steve Brookes, who leaves the Jam story fairly early on. In addition to the prerequisite walks down memory lane, including one in which Jam leader Paul Weller discusses the influence that The Who had upon their music, a generous helping of archival photo and video footage is also featured, helping flesh out a non-controversial but still fascinating look back at the group. Also included is a previously unreleased 22-song performance from the group’s 1980 appearance on German television show Rockaplast, highlighting the band at their best: on stage.