Review: Soundgarden – Echo Of Miles: Scattered Tracks Across The Path (Universal Music Canada)

SoundgardenNot for the faint at heart, Echo Of Miles is a sprawling 50-track, three-disc collection of music rounding up rarities, covers and oddities along with the pre-requisite two new tracks (“Kristi” and “Storm”) taken from the last 27 years of Soundgarden’s career. Along with covers of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Devo, Fear, The Doors, Spinal Tap and Budgie, there is a treasure trove of highlights to be found: Original Soundgarden tracks like “Sub Pop Rock City,” the early 90’s b-side “Cold Bitch,” “Toy Box” and Badmotorfinger-era “She’s A Politician” each embody the very musical ethos that sent the group to the top of the grunge heap. Although the casual Soundgarden fan might find the collection to be a tad daunting, devoted listeners will enjoy every moment, as odd as some of them are.