Review: Old Man Luedecke – Domestic Eccentric (True North)

Old Man LuedeckeOver the course of the last decade-plus, Nova Scotia’s Old Man Luedecke has handily won over audiences with his down-to-earth, folk-inspired songs that touch upon matters that the majority of us can identify with. His newest release, Domestic Eccentric, was recorded in a cabin on his property, and, like the title insinuates, focuses primarily on home life and how relationships evolve when you’ve got a few extra mouths to feed. Whether he is singing about watching his kids grow too quickly on “The Early Days” or professing his love for his wife on “Yodelady,” Luedecke approaches his song subjects carefully and respectfully. It is the album’s intimate recording atmosphere that perhaps lends the record its biggest advantage as the songs are vividly translated using minimal instrumentation, free of bells, whistles and studio trickery; this is as pure as folk music gets, making for a low-key musical masterpiece that will earn a place in your heart as well as your record collection.