Review of The Skydiggers – No. 1 Northern (Latent)

SkydiggersIn this, their 25th year as a band, The Skydiggers have decided to pay tribute to their fellow Canadian songwriters with No. 1 Northern, a nine-song collection rooted in both the past and the present. From the past, they offer their take on Gene MacLellan’s Snowbird, Neil Young (Don’t Cry No Tears) and Gordon Lightfoot’s Spin Spin. From a more recent era, the group also honours Jason Collett (Bitter Beauty), Ron Sexsmith and New Brunswick’s own Divorcees (Precious Time) showing that Canadian talent continues to be a force to be reckoned with. And while these songs might not be theirs, No. 1 Northern shows that The Skydiggers simply continue getting better with age.

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  1. A great album from a great Canadian treasure. Saw them last summer in a show with the Divircees – top notch music pro’s at work.

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