Review of The Posies – Failure (Omnivore / Warner Music Canada)

The Posies FailureDespite cranking out some of the most infectious power pop of the last 25 years, Washington state heroes The Posies have never truly gotten their due. Initially released in 1988 but long out of print, the group’s indie debut Failure (reissued with a plethora of bonus material) captured a certain indie-pop innocence that resonates as strongly today as it did upon release. Original album cuts “I May Hate You Sometimes” owes an obvious debt to The Hollies while album opener “Blind Eyes Open” takes a page from the book of XTC. “Under Easy” and “Believe In Something Other (Than Yourself)” shows a blatant Beatles influence, but also foreshadows the avenues the band would explore on 1990’s Dear 23.