Review of Al Tuck – Stranger At The Wake (Cameron House / Warner Music Canada)

Al TuckIt took what seemed like an eternity for Maritime songwriting treasure Al Tuck to come back into the spotlight but not even 18 months after the release his last record, Tuck returns with the ambitious Stranger At The Wake. There Is A War and Five-O show a darker side of the singer-songwriter but regardless of musical pursuit (of which there are many here), Tuck’s tales are ultimately nothing short of compelling. This album is arguably one of Tuck’s most musically adventurous efforts with his baritone voice only getting better with age.

2 Responses to "Review of Al Tuck – Stranger At The Wake (Cameron House / Warner Music Canada)"

  1. Good words. My favourites are the title track and We didn’t Dance as well as Five O, which is actually just as fun as it is dark.
    Maybe he had no funds to do much recording over the yrs. A shame he didn’t have $$ thrown his way after his first two albums in 1994… But then he wld not be as DARK now and we wld be missing something. He would probably not be a stranger at a wake.

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