Review: Nerve Button – Nerve Button (Wanda Records)

nerve-buttonBoasting members of veteran Moncton music scene bands Bad Luck #13 and Idee du Nord, the debut effort from Nerve Button harnesses the youthful energy of the former group, while skilfully combining it with the refined sound of the latter. The operative word for these nine punk and garage-rock inspired songs is fun, whether singing about “The Harlots Of St. George St.” or slyly acknowledging their past on “Gunningsville Saints,” in which vocalist Batman sings “A bad luck baby is still bad luck, son.” What I dug most about this album is the fact that the group doesn’t shy away from wearing their influences on their sleeves, whether that means nodding to the Rolling Stones on the title track, or paying homage to the Stooges and The Ramones on “Get Another Load Of Me” and “Hey Little Girl” respectively, Nerve Button are here to give the locals a run for their money. You’ve been warned.

To sample tracks from Nerve Button’s debut, check out their Bandcamp site.