Review: Neil Young – Storytone (Double CD) (Warner Music Canada)

neil YoungOn Storytone, the legendary Neil Young delivers two distinctly different albums consisting of the same songs. The first disc is a stark, acoustic album, with Young’s vocals and minimal accompaniment. The second disc features the singer backed by a 92-piece orchestra who do little to complement Young’s worn vocal delivery. Young’s willingness to take chances with his music is admirable but unfortunately, the delivery of these songs (solo vs. orchestral) can’t necessarily save a lyrically weak, topical collection of tracks. Take this sample of lyrics: “I wanna drive my car / I wanna drive my car / Further and further on down the road / I wanna drive my car.” When you have such a storied history with music as Young does, it inadvertently shines an even brighter light on career stumbles like Storytone.