Review: Motley Crue – The End: Live In Los Angeles (CD/DVD) (Eagle Rock / Universal Music Canada)

motley-crueWhile fans had known for the better part of two years that the end was coming for heavy metal legends Motley Crue, the time finally did arrive at Los Angeles’ Staples Center on New Years’ Eve 2015. Opening with the one-two punch of “Girls, Girls, Girls” and “Wild Side,” the group shows they are ready to go out with a bang. With the regrettable exception of vocalist Vince Neil, the band is impeccably tight. Whatever Neil’s motives are for generally neglecting to properly enunciate what he is singing, the end result is often an incomprehensible garble of sound with zero discernable words, which is a shame as Neil was once a vocalist that demanded the listener’s attention. Visually, the concert is engaging with pyro aplenty and a contagious energy emanating from the crowd; not even the breakdown of the roller coaster during Tommy Lee’s drum solo dampens the proceedings as much as it could have. Somewhat encouragingly, Neil partially redeems himself vocally with show closer “Home Sweet Home,” choking up in the song’s final moments as the Crue’s remarkable 35-year run comes to a close.