Review: Monster Truck – Sittin’ Heavy (Dine Alone)

Monster TruckChurning out a healthy dose of muscular, blues-tinged rock and roll, Hamilton’s Monster Truck handily avoids the sophomore slump with Sittin’ Heavy. Kicking off with the powerful, appropriately titled “Why Are You Not Rocking,” the foursome powers through the album’s 11 songs with a supreme confidence that verges on, but never quite reaches, cockiness, most of which is actually understandably justified, with the group having landed some sweet shows alongside some of biggest names in hard rock and heavy metal over the last three years. Monster Truck might not revolutionize the music business with this newest record, but with nuggets like “New Soul,” “It Gets Better,” and “She’s A Witch” in their arsenal, rock and roll fans have every reason to celebrate their existence.