Review: Led Zeppelin – Presence (2-CD Deluxe Edition) (Warner Music Canada)

Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin’s impressive album reissue campaign comes to a close with the release of 1979’s In Through The Out Door, 1982’s Coda, and 1976’s Presence, arguably one of the group’s finest, if slightly under appreciated, moments. With this record, fans were treated to the group getting back into their blues-rock groove and was a concise, heavy-hitting statement following 1976’s double album opus Physical Graffiti. Kicking off with the ten-minute opening track Achilles Last Stand, Zeppelin shows they are out for blood with John Bonham’s manic drumming leading the charge. From there, the album is a little more reserved, but still packs a mighty wallop with “Nobody’s Fault But Mine,” “Royal Orleans,” and “Hots On For Nowhere” among the highlights. As with prior albums in the Zeppelin reissue series, a second CD of bonus audio is included, which, for this album, includes alternate mixes of four Presence tracks in addition to the compelling (but unfortunately titled) instrumental track “10 Ribs & All/Carrot Pod Pod.”