Review: Kris & Dee – A Great Long Game (Independent)

Layout 1With their third record, A Great Long Game, Kingston, Ont. folk duo Kris & Dee intertwine lush intricate melodies and beautiful harmony vocals with a relatively minimal amount of instrumentation to create a lasting impression upon the listener. Though Kris & Dee display the utmost of confidence on each one of the album’s nine tracks, there is also a certain degree of vulnerability to be found. Through their lyrics, they paint vividly coloured landscapes that detail everything from the isolation that goes hand in hand with our Canadian winters through simple observations of the human condition. Album highlights include opening track “Beach,” “Trembling Aspen,” “Simple Life” and “Pilot Light.” With their individual and collective strengths as songwriters continuing to flourish, A Great Long Game will surely have little trouble finding favour among those who appreciate the value of a well-written song.