Review: Kenny James – Tougher Than Nails (Independent)

Kenny James CoverAfter years of having fronted rock-based acts, Sackville’s Kenny James heads back to the figurative drawing board, and re-emerges with a sound that owes more to the likes of classic country than classic rock. James’ talent on the electric guitar is evident throughout each note of Tougher Than Nails, putting his Telecaster guitar to good use with a sound likely to draw comparisons to Vince Gill among others. The album moves along at a fairly quick pace, buoyed by simplistic, upbeat tracks like “Trainspotting,” “Pictures of Rose,” and “Truckstop.” James celebrates the release of Tougher Than Nails with performances in Sackville (June 19 at Ducky’s) and Moncton (June 20 at Plan b Lounge).