Review: Joel Plaskett – The Park Avenue Sobriety Test (Pheromone / MapleMusic)

Joel PlaskettHe has never been shy about following his muse but on The Park Avenue Sobriety Test, Joel Plaskett covers what is possibly the widest swath of genres in his successful career. The album opens with the bluesy “Illegitimate Blues” before moving onto “On A Dime.” The latter track is generously infused with the fiddle of J.P. Cormier, helping lend the song a distinct Atlantic Canadian feel but, thanks to hints of organ throughout, could also be a late-era outtake from The Band. “Credits Roll” pays tribute to Plaskett’s indie-rock past (and present) while “For Your Consideration” is one of the most poignant tracks he has written. What could have proven to be nothing more than a self-indulgent journey with little cohesion, Plaskett has raised the bar on his already impressive career with The Park Avenue Sobriety Test.