Review: Jason Haywood – Folklore (Independent)

For his third full-length effort, Moncton’s Jason Haywood travels a different musical path. While his previous albums fit neatly into an Americana type of vibe, Folklore explores the darker side of the genre and folk music in general. There is a haunting undercurrent at the heart of this record, as Haywood spins tales of man’s eternal battle between good and evil, murder, heartbreak, obsession, and more throughout the album’s 11 songs. Like a good book you can’t put down, Haywood’s vividly painted lyrics make it remarkably easy to get drawn into the world of the characters appearing on the record.

From the spectre of Johnny Cash that looms large over “Somewhere In Troubled Arkansas,” and “The Ballad of Clara Leigh,” to the more traditional approach heard on “The Promised Land,” and “Elegy,” Folklore is proof positive that the storyteller suit is one that Haywood wears impeccably well.