Review: Heaven Adores You: A Documentary Film About The Life & Music Of Elliott Smith DVD (Eagle Rock / Universal Music Canada)

Heaven Adores YouAlthough Elliott Smith never achieved superstar-like fame before his life prematurely ended in 2003, he did earn a passionately devout fanbase that was drawn to his melancholy-inspired music, which eventually helped earn him an Oscar nomination. Heaven Adores You examines Smith’s life and career via in-depth and intimate interviews with former bandmates, collaborators, and childhood friends, in addition to perspective from Smith himself via archived interviews. Given the tragic end that befell the reticent and reclusive Smith, there is an undeniably natural arc of sadness to Smith’s story that runs the duration of the film. Despite knowing how the story ends, Heaven Adores You is an eye-opening look at the struggles of Elliott Smith, whose legend will certainly only grow in years to come.