Review: Faith No More – The Real Thing (Deluxe Edition) (Warner Music Canada)

Faith No MoreIn much the same way that Nirvana would pioneer a musical revolution in 1991, Faith No More unleashed a smaller-scale one in 1989, charging forward with a genre-bending album that bore characteristics of heavy metal, funk and more. The Real Thing found unlikely success as the 80’s faded into the 90’s, buoyed by the hit single “Epic.” At its core, however, The Real Thing went so much deeper: The album’s title track was far more complex than “Epic” would have ever let on, while on the remainder of the record, they showed a musical versatility that remains largely unrivalled by their peers. A second disc of 11 songs comprised of b-sides, remixes and a handful of live cuts, bolsters this deluxe reissue of The Real Thing, helping make the collection one worth re-discovering.